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With Video Consultation + ChatBots + Voice Recognition + Map Assistance + BI Reports And Tons of features,.. .

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SnoMed - CT Integrated

Complete Digitized Healthcare Solution. Go Paperless.

Hybrid healthcare solution integrating the conventional physical and the digital medical services to provide the benefit of convenience and best-in-class services online to your patients from the comfort of home.

Hospital / Clinic Admin Portal

Patient Portal

Doctor Portal

Native Mobile Apps

Elastic Cloud Storage

24 / 7 Chatbot Assistance


Tons of features designed and developed to address tomorrow's patient-centric needs of Healthcare industry while keeping intact and as well optimize today's hospital / clinic OPD operations

Admin Portal

  • Multiple Speciality / Branch Support
  • Multiple Partner Integration - Diagnostic Labs / Pharmacies
  • Multiple Pricing Models
  • Doctor / Patient Profile Management
  • Appointments Management
  • Basic Medicine Inventory Management
  • Pre-configured Lab Tests
  • Performance Analytics Reports

Patient Portal

  • Digital Medi-Locker
  • Google Map Assistant
  • Anytime Doctor Connectivity
  • Appointments Tracker
  • Visits Tracker
  • Click-to-share Prescription / Lab Test Requests

Doctor Portal

  • Set Availability across branches
  • Generate & Share Digital Prescriptions
  • Patient Information - Anytime / Anywhere Access
  • Patient Disease Pattern Reports
  • Refer A Doctor


  • Forum Support - Issues / New Features
  • Voice based search / navigation
  • Chatbots
  • Page-Wise/Specific Business Intelligence Integration
  • Notifications through email / SMS / Chatbot with attachments
  • Export to clipboard / excel / pdf options with all data grids
  • Lock Screen Feature

Technical Features

Seamless Integration With 3rd Party Appllications

Device Agnostic Centralized Service Repository

Resposive Layout / Content

Datastore Neutral

On-Premise / Cloud Solutions

Multi-Channel Notifications

Generation Agnostic Healthcare Services

Bridge Your Services across Baby Boomers thru Gen Z patients

Baby Boomers / Gen X patients
  • Preserve Physical Touch through direct consultations
  • Extend Home care with its associated services
  • Improve Patient Comfort / Confidence by data driven consultation
  • Educate patients on technology adaption for emergency situations

Gen Y / Gen Z Patients
  • Video Consultation
  • ChatBots
  • Voice Navigation


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